Four books set in the 14th century, in the middle of the Hundred Years War

Two people that should never have met, two souls looking for love.

After a series of traumatic deaths in his family, Ieuan thought he would never care about anything or anyone ever again but his meeting with his commander’s sister will force him to accept that his ability to love is not lost.

An orphan brought up by her controlling brother Roger, Blanche has always known her life is not her own but she craves for some independence. When she meets the forbidding Welshman she is incensed at his high-handed manner but her irritation quickly turns to desire.

When Roger announces that Blanche is to be betrothed to a nobleman twice her age, she decides to prove to herself that she has the freedom to make her own decisions. Her thoughts turn to the impudent archer who dared to look at her as if she was his for the taking. There will never be a better opportunity to thwart her brother’s plans – and indulge the wild part of her that she has kept hidden from him.

What was supposed to be a simple expression of her independence quickly turns into much more. Blanche discovers that her feelings for Ieuan run much deeper than she had anticipated.

But on the morning that the archers are to leave for war, Roger orders Blanche to put an end to her affair. If she doesn’t obey, he will ensure that Ieuan does not survive the campaign. Faced with such a terrible ultimatum Blanche has no choice but to end their relationship, reveal that she is engaged to be married – and keep silent about the baby she is carrying.

Devastated, Ieuan departs a broken man, certain he will never come back from France alive.

A year later he returns, unaware that Blanche has given birth to their daughter and there is only one thing on his mind.


What does it take to make you change your life?
For Ava, Lady Telford it is not a question of what, but of who. Her encounter with a man she should never have met will force her to make some choices.
It is the year 1381. In a country in uproar, Ava unwittingly stumbles across a group of peasants plotting against the nobility. They abduct her in order to use her and obtain the local lord’s support. Carwyn, the village farrier, has always hated nobles. After a callous knight made her pregnant, his mother was shunned by her family. His subsequent hard upbringing has nurtured a deep hatred towards the nobility and their immoral selfishness. He doesn’t take well to being forced to spend his time with this haughty – and unsettingly beautiful – lady.
Will Carwyn manage to overcome his prejudice and accept that, as unlikely as it may be, this woman might be the one to fulfil his heart’s desire?
Will Ava be brave enough to turn her life inside out if the reward is a man who loves her?

Wales, in the middle of the Hundred Years War.

In this difficult context two enemies, French nobleman Amaury de Malfete and Welsh heiress Eirlys are forced to marry by their unscrupulous fathers. As soon as the wedding night is over Amaury leaves for battle.

He only returns four years later, when everyone has long been convinced of his death.

After such a difficult start they will both find it hard to resume their marital life. Eirlys cannot help but resent her husband’s abandonment and be wary of his intentions. She is determined to keep him at bay until he shows her that he sees her as more than a possession. Amaury has his own demons to battle but he is desperate to prove to his wife – and himself – that he is not the type of man his cruel forefathers were.

To earn their happy ever after they will have to bare their souls, reveal painful secrets and risk losing it all.

Friends becoming lovers in the middle of the Hundred Years War.

Catriona has been in love with Sebastian all her life. But the rakish future Earl of Whitley has eyes for every woman – except his best friend. Then one day, against all odds, he proposes to her to save her from marriage to a man who scares her.

Or so she thinks…

It will come as a bitter blow to realise that he only did so to gain back his inheritance. Can a woman deeply in love with her husband accept the fact that she has only been married to be used as a brooding mare? What will it take for Sebastian to realise that what he feels for his wife is love of the deepest kind?

His departure for war will precipitate them into a whirlwind of self-discovery and when secrets are revealed, Catriona and Sebastian will have no choice but to accept what they cannot change.