Two books set during the War of the Roses

When she wakes up a captive in Lord Blackhorne’s house Lady Isabella Kent quickly realises that she has been brought there by mistake. The arrogant stranger who organised her abduction meant to kidnap her cousin Philippa. However, as this unforeseen event provides her with the opportunity for escape she desperately needed, she decides to go along with the pretence.

Anthony has no idea that the woman in his possession is not the one he means to marry. To his surprise, he finds himself drawn to this spirited young lady. Far from being the meek damsel he imagined her to be, she sets his senses on fire. Maybe this alliance, initially intended as a revenge on his old enemy will prove to be a lot more rewarding than he had counted on…
All he needs now is to convince his reluctant bride-to-be that this marriage can offer her some satisfaction.

In bed.

As the attraction for the man who should be her enemy grows stronger, Isabella realises only one thing will stop her from falling into his arms. Revealing her true identity.

But then there will be hell to pay…


Lady Joanna Finlay has always thought herself unworthy of attention. The people in her life have conspired to make her doubt herself as a person – and a desirable woman.

Luke Hartsworth is a man on a mission. Sent by the king to Waltham Castle to ascertain Sir Humphrey’s allegiance, he intends to bring down the traitor he knows hides inside the castle.

Luke and Joanna meet when they are both captured one night in the forest. Joanna is fleeing an arranged marriage to a man who scares her, Luke is trying to enter the castle under the cover of darkness. Thrown into a prison together, the hapless pair manage to escape, only to be recaptured again moments later. Convinced his men caught them trysting together Joanna’s grandfather Sir Humphrey demands reparation and announces that they will be married before the week is out.

At first Joanna is horrified. Surely such a union is doomed? But as they become more acquainted with each other she realises that this marriage might be the best thing that ever happened to her. Luke’s reasons for marrying her matter not, as long as he makes her feels valued.

Or do they?