Which of my heroes is the man for you?

Answer these questions to find out if you are best suited to Ieuan, Anthony, Luke or Carwyn.

What do you crave the most?

A  Recognition

B  Independence 

C  Justice

D  Attention

What present would you prefer to be given?

A  A bouquet of your favourite flowers

B  Bespoke jewellery

C  Something homemade

D  A family heirloom

Where would you prefer to live?

A  In a grand house with matching gardens

B  In a cottage by a lake

C  In the heart of a village where you know everyone

D  Somewhere totally unexpected

How do you see your life?

A   Rich in social events

B Surrounded by children and animals

C  In a close knit community

D  Fraught with excitement

Your ideal man would appeal to you because of his…

A  Mischievous arrogance

B  Brooding intensity 

C  Hidden vulnerability

D  Protective instinct

Which of his faults would you most readily accept?

A  Stubbornness

B  A tendency to brood

C Prejudice

D Secrecy

When he wants to spice things up he will…

A  Sit you on the table wherever you are

B  Take you to the middle of the forest

C  Blindfold you 

D  Take you to a secret meeting place

He will be…

A  The same nationality as you, so you can share the same things

B  Foreign and exotic

C  Of dual nationality

D  Unlike anyone you ever imagined

What would you most like to learn?

A  Jousting

B  Archery

C  Blacksmithing

D  Code breaking

Your man is Anthony, Lord Blackhorne, from Red Rose White Rose. Seductive, confident, he does not take no for an answer and yet he will make you laugh.


You are made for Ieuan, the strong archer from An Arrow Through The Heart. You feel attracted to his raw power because you feel it hides a more complex personality.


The man for you is Carwyn, the passionate, protective farrier from My Lady Rebel. Like him, you value your beliefs and you aim to build a better world.


You suit a man like Luke, Earl Wolverton from A Knight’s Duty, A Lover’s Desire. He will always be on your side no matter what and help you discover a new life.